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Parapsychological Information on CD-ROMs

Two CD-ROMs, which are now commercially available, give good overviews of the field of research parapsychology and associated topics. (Note: these products and companies have no affiliation with the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory or its personnel.)

PSI-EXPLORER by Mario Varvoglis (French and English) While not claiming to be an exhaustive review of parapsychology, PSI-EXPLORER may be seen as a novel educational approach, encouraging both intellectual and experiential probing into the reality of psi. For more information visit the PSI-EXPLORER web site.

Mystery: A Voyage Exploring the Limits of Consciousness by Elmar Gruber (German) The CD-ROM Mysterium covers the whole spectrum of parapsychology, the history of the field, the famous cases, and modern research findings. Its scope is very broad including a number of fringe phenomena (e.g., stigmata, possessions cults, and transpersonal experiences). Included on the CD-ROM is a free internet browser with direct access to the newly introduced Mysterium On-line (1,500 html-pages), providing up-to-date information on the topics of the CD-ROM (in German).


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